A New World

We believe that the purpose of a good education is to support the child for life.

Our values foster empathy, confidence, self-discipline and reliability. Our children learn to respect themselves and care for others. They are encouraged to work hard and to appreciate the work of their fellows. We expect them to be courteous and well-mannered at all times, both to members of staff and other children.

We encourage our pupils to take responsibility for the world around them and to become active participants in both the school and the community at large. Our School Council with its elected pupil representatives gives the children a real voice in the running of the school. An enthusiastic pupil-led Eco Club, meanwhile, has introduced a number of changes to the school, which have contributed to making the school more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Through the initiative of its pupils, BESA also contributes to the work of local charities. Recent beneficiaries have included a dog’s home and a Leukaemia charity. In this way, BESA remains very much a part of the community while our children learn the value of giving to others.

Our mission statement is ‘Valuing Individuals’. By valuing our children they learn to value themselves. In valuing themselves they learn to value others. Through valuing others they become true citizens of the world.