World Class

Our English Curriculum leads to internationally recognised qualifications which are transferable world-wide.

Where necessary, pupils are given all the help they need with mastering the English language. Our small class sizes and specialist tuition produce amazing results in a very short period of time.

Our participation in and leadership of international education through COBIS keeps us at the forefront of English educational practice. Graduates of The British Embassy School Ankara are welcome throughout the world. 

At BESA, excellence comes as standard.

Our teachers are hand-picked for their outstanding experience and qualifications but equally for being in tune with the distinct ethos of BESA. That means continuous innovation, aspiration and engagement. It means a dedication to the school as a whole and to each pupil individually. It is an approach that has made BESA a leader in educational practice among international English Curriculum-based schools.

We can encourage our pupils to aspire to excellence because we ask no less of ourselves.