Head's Welcome

Welcome to the website of the British Embassy School Ankara, a unique award-winning school community in the centre of Turkey’s vibrant capital city.

Our school is a learning community where the academic and personal development of each child is at the heart of everything we do. Learning is focussed on the development of skills throughout the school using curricula that support the children’s abilities to apply the knowledge they acquire in new and practical ways to deepen their understanding. From our Nursery class through to our Year 9 students, the thematic approach to learning taken by the IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum), IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and IMYC (International Middle Years Curriculum) provides a context that makes learning accessible yet challenging to children and young adults growing up in our diverse international community. The rigour of the British Curriculum in English and Mathematics combines with international curricula to ensure that children make excellent academic progress at BESA, taking creative risks whilst supported by outstanding teaching and high-quality learning environments. We commit to enabling children to leave our school not only having made outstanding progress but as global citizens who have the confidence to lead with creativity, integrity and a passion for their chosen pursuits.

As an outward-looking school we have strong relationships with other schools in Ankara and through our membership of COBIS, IAPs and the Black Sea Schools Group. These collaborations provide exciting learning opportunities and challenges for the students and a network for the professional development of our teachers. This ensures that they remain current about developments in educational research and enthusiastic about change that ensures the children make progress.

We welcome students from over 30 different countries through our gates each morning; each brings with them their unique perspectives on our world. We consider the development of International Mindedness amongst all community members a priority and are proud to have been recognised at the International School Awards in 2020 for our commitment to developing ethical values in the school

Of course, I can write about all these things here but I am confident that visitors to our school see these things in action. Do please come and visit us; take the time to talk to our staff, parents, and pupils about what being a valuable part of this privileged learning community means to them.

With best wishes,

Andrew Ryan