4th June 2024

Due to works that need to be carried out on the water pipes within the school, the school will be closed tomorrow. Online Learning is available for all classes during the day.  There are no live lessons in this instance. Please refer to the emails that have been sent... Read more »


29th October 2023

Dear Parents, This evening, Sunday 29th October, at 22.00, the President of Turkey announced the closure of pre-school, primary, secondary and high schools on Monday 30th October for a one day holiday. This was confirmed by the Minister for Education shortly afterwards. The... Read more »

Our Thoughts are with You

7th February 2023

Our hearts go out to those members of our community and to the Turkish people whose lives have been touched so tragically by the events on Monday 6th February.  As a mark of respect the school's flag has been lowered this morning in memory of those who have lost their... Read more »

Shortlisted - International School of the Year

6th July 2022

We are proud to announce that BESA has been shortlisted for the prestigious award of "International School of the Year."  It is a wonderful achievement to get to this stage and is due to the dediction, hard work and fantastic support of the whole community.

World Maths Day

27th March 2022

Year 9 students' showed what an absolute credit they are to the BESA community. They planned, prepared and led a number of World Maths Day activities on Wednesday 23rd March.  The younger children absolutely loved the activities and had a great time playing the different... Read more »

BESA Book Week

27th March 2022

It has been wonderful to see Book Week come to life this year, following the previous two years, where we have celebrated virtually. Teachers and children have had a fantastic time! We were fortunate to be able to host the illustrator Mehrodokht Amini in school, who worked... Read more »

Queen's Piper

22nd February 2022

Our morning started with the children lined up along the school driveway. Then, drifting through the cold morning air came the unmistakable sound of bagpipes as PSgt. Garry Grant, attired in his dress uniform, walked down through the collected children. Throughout the rest... Read more »

E-Safety Week

22nd February 2022

The students at BESA have been thinking more aboutonline safety this week. The younger classes have focussed on      Age Restrictions & Appropriateness of content in games and film. Our older classes have been looking in detail at their DigitalFootprint... Read more »

Friendship Week

20th November 2021

This past week we have been celebrating Friendship.  Our focus has been on "One Kind Word".  Students at BESA have taken part in Odd Socks Day and a range of Friendship linked activities including writing "One Kind Word" around the school's playgrounds and pathways.

Environment - COP26

20th November 2021

Over the past 2 weeks BESA students have been taking part in a range of activities linked to the Environment and COP26.  Thes ehave included; litter picks, persuassive letter writing, EarthShot activities and no single use plastic day. Our students and School Council... Read more »