BESA follows the English National Curriculum.

The curriculum covers the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and I.C.T. (Information and Communication Technology) as ‘core’ subjects. The other ‘foundation’ subjects are History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Music and Physical Education. BESA has a scheme for Personal Health Social Emotional and Citizenship education.

Children are assessed by using our own regular tests and the national tests for children in England.

Throughout all our teaching, we aim to develop skills of both excellence and self-confidence, with a balance between the academic and the creative. We wish all pupils to develop as independent learners, within a structure that is clear and supportive.

Curriculum Evenings are held during the year, in order to give parents the opportunity to see how certain subjects are covered in the School. These are interactive evenings, where participation and questions are encouraged.

Subjects covered include Maths, English, Science and Information and Communication Technology (known as ICT). In addition we sometimes hold open afternoons where the work of BESA can be seen.