The library is at the heart of the education journey for all of our students.

As technology makes information increasingly accessible, students are encouraged to explore differing means of seeking and researching information. Through the collection of data and the reporting of their findings, students learn to develop and defend a position.

At BESA the concept of a library encompasses much more than just the room itself. With guidance from our librarian, the library becomes a place within which our students can focus and explore their own interests. Students become masters at navigating resources, physical and electronic; learning to evaluate, distill and use information, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Throughout the school, enthusiasm for books and reading is encouraged and we take great pride in nurturing high-level literacy and reading skills, informing and challenging our students and motivating them to expand their reading experiences.

We regularly SKYPE famous authors and invite parents to visit the library with their children. Our fathers in the library project is very successful and encourages dads to read with their children before the work day begins.