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Health Forms & Health Information

BESA takes all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all who use the premises. Follow the links to the health and safety and medical policy.

The school nurse or in their absence, an appointed person, is responsible for administering first aid. The nurse holds a current UK Health and Safety Executive approved certificate, while other staff members have various levels of training, which is updated by and supported by the nurse. Two members of staff have Pediatric First Aid training. At lunchtime, seven monitors and a supervisor work in the play areas and refer any injuries to the nurse or appointed person on first aid duty.

Child Protection

BESA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all adults to share this commitment. Our principles are that adults must always act on a child's behalf if there are concerns and thast a child's welfare is paramount regardless of any sympathy for the adult or school.We have taken account of guidelines of the UK Department for Education and Skills in establishing our child protection policy and safe recruitment procedures. Full details of the policy are available at school.

Health Promotion

Parents are required to complete health information forms prior to entrance and pupils should have received basic immunisations (see health forms for details). Health promotion activities take place in school as part of the curriculum and more informally through activities at lunchtime and during the school day.


Children who become ill during the school day may be cared for in the medical room until parents can collect them. We endeavour to offer all appropriate support to pupils with specific medical needs

It is important that parents keep acutely ill children at home, especially if the child has an infectious disease. In particular, children who have diarrhoea or a fever should have a full 48 hours without symptoms before they return to school after the section finishing. Parents should inform the school nurse if their child is seriously ill or has an infectious illness and follow the nurse’s advice regarding the timing of the child’s return to school.