The BESA is governed by a board of volunteers known as the Board of Governors, whose primary responsibility is to oversee the operation of the School in terms of such matters as finance, staffing, discipline, the admission and exclusion of pupils, the development and upkeep of the premises, and in broad terms, the curriculum. The Board is primarily a policy-making and strategic planning body with individual members taking on supervisory roles within various areas of the school. Currently, we have governors responsible for finance, HSE, SEND, Pupil Progress and safeguarding.

The Board of Governors meets every half term throughout the school year. Sub-Committees responsible for staffing, academics and finance also meet regularly.

Chair: Tenure 2 years. Elected by a majority of the Board with 100% of the Board casting a vote by secret ballot. It is not permissible for the Head to become the Chair. The governor selected must have served on the Board for at least one year prior to being eligible for the position of Chair. 






Embassy Governor


Appointed by HM Ambassador

HMA´s discretion

Community Governor


Appointed by Chairman, with the approval of existing Board

3 years, renewable

Head Teacher


Ex officio

During employment

Parent Governor


Elected from and by parents

2 years, renewable

Staff Governor


Elected from and by staff

2 years, renewable

(Co-opted Governor)


(Invited by Chairman)

(1 year, renewable)