The library is a popular and thriving hub of the BESA community.  Positioned at the heart of the school and open throughout the school day, the warm and welcoming environment aims to draw students in, to not only develop their love of reading, but to nurture a sense of excitement and curiosity and encourage independent learning.

Our book collection consists of an extensive range of modern fiction and non-fiction books that encourage a love of reading and support curriculum topics taught throughout the school.  Access to the latest technology makes information increasingly accessible and students are encouraged to explore differing means of seeking and researching information. Students become masters at navigating resources, physical and electronic; learning to evaluate, distill and use information, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Literature is celebrated in the library throughout the year and Poetry Week and Book Week have become highlights of the school calendar.  Authors, poets, illustrators and storytellers from around the globe are invited in to inspire our whole school community with their skills, knowledge and expertise, though performances and workshops.  These events are not only popular with students but also with teachers and parents alike.

At BESA the concept of a library encompasses much more than just the room itself. With guidance from our librarian, the library becomes a place within which our students can focus, explore and foster their dreams.