If you don't wish to drive in Ankara there are a variety of easy and cheap alternatives for you. Municipality buses, public buses, dolmuş, taxi and subway are among the Ankara's public transportation alternatives. All you need is to learn well where the stops are.Bus (Otobüs)
Buses are cheap, however especially at peak times they are very crowded and they're not comfortable. There are two types of buses in Ankara servicing the whole the city.
One is run by the municipality and these are called Belediye Otobüsü. These buses are either red or blue and dark blue striped. Since electronic tickets are required for traveling with these buses the tickets should be bought in advance. They are sold in minimum usage of five.
The second type of bus is privately run Halk Otobüsü, which are green or blue. Tickets are not welcome on these buses and only cash is accepted. However the price is the same. The green double-decker busses are also privately owned and require cash. Some of them are covered by colorful advertisements.

Underground (Metro-Hafif Metro)
There are 2 routes of underground in Ankara. Ankaray (Light metro) and Metro.
They are both very comfortable and speedy. Connections between Metro and Ankaray are in Kızılay. The fare for 1 unit is the same as the bus and your electronic bus tickets are also valid here. Route map and electronic cards can be obtained from any underground station. Working hours are 06.00-00.00
The first line of th Ankara Metro runs from Batıkent, north of the city to Kızılay in other words the Centrum.
Ankaray (Light metro) runs from ASTI (Ankara Intercity Bus Station), west of the town, passing through Kızılay and ending in Dikimevi.

Dolmuş is a special service found only in Turkey. This is a collective taxi, which follows specific routes. It may be a car or a minibus. Each passenger pays according to the distance traveled and can get off at specific or requested stops. In order to get off, the passenger need only say, "inecek var" meaning “someone to get off here” and the dolmuş will stop. The municipality fixes the relatively cheap fares. This is a very practical means of transportation and much cheaper than a taxi. You pay the fee to the driver. Prices differ depending on distance traveled. They usually have a sign in the lower or upper right-hand corner of their windshield that specifies the direction to which they will be traveling. The prices are displayed somewhere visitble within the vehicle.

Taxi (Taksi)
Taxis are numerous in all Turkish cities and are recognizable by their yellow color and word taksi on top of the car. All taxis have the letter T in their license plates. The fare shown on the meter reads according to distance traveled. The ride will start at 2.2 TL, and the rate is 1.9 TL per kilometer. The rates for day and night are same.
Here are a few useful sayings that might come in handy:
Turn off the music - müziği kapatın; Close the window - camı kapatın; Open the window - camı açın; Stop here - burada durun; Left - sol, Right - sağ; Turn on the meter - taksimetreyi çalıştırın; Wait please - lütfen bekleyin; Wait here - burada bekleyin.

Suburban Train (Banliyö Treni)
There are suburban trains traveling from Sincan a district on the west of the city, to Kayaş at east end of Ankara. Suburban trains are alternative when traffic is an issue, however since they are the most affordable way to travel longer distances, they can be extremely crowded, dirty and not very preferable. Tickets can be bought at the station. Monthly discount cards are also available.