School Nurse

At BESA we are fortunate to have a full time Qualified Nurse who is part of our Pastoral Care team. Our Nurse will care for your child if they become unwell at school or require additional medical care. 

The information gained from the medical forms that you complete on admission will be collated and any relevant health issues will be passed on to your children’s teachers. She will also ensure that your children have all the required immunisations to attend BESA and that these are up to date. Individual care plans, if required, will be drawn up so children with specific health needs will be cared for appropriately. When training is required in your child’s illness she will ensure that it is carried out.

The school nurse is a valuable resource if you are having any issues with your children for example bed wetting, head lice etc. and can give advice on other related health issues.

The school Nurse regularly promotes healthy eating, personal hygiene, sun safety and is involved in the general health of your children. Our Nurse is a qualified First Aid instructor and provides training courses for staff and after school clubs. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss please email:


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