Dear BESA Parents,

The FPTA is seeking volunteers to join our team of parents and teachers. The FPTA serves as a link between the school and parents. Our aim is to help build a stronger sense of community at BESA and to enhance the students’ experience through activities such as:

· Organizing events (e.g. Guy Fawkes Night, Summer Fair, Disco Night, Special Lunches)

· Encouraging parental involvement in school’s life

· Planning staff appreciation activities

· Raising funds in order to purchase goods and services for the benefit of the students

There is no set time commitment for FPTA members. We welcome parents and teachers to volunteer per each individual’s availability. In general, we hope FPTA members will attend our monthly evening meetings, and help out during events as they are able. Each class has a parent Class Representative who serves as a link between their class parents, class teachers and the FPTA, and they may organize activities within their relevant classes. In order to spread out the responsibilities, more than one representative per class would be preferable.

We hope many of you join our dynamic group of volunteers to make this school year a memorable and fulfilling one.

Sincerely yours,

Gokce Mattijssen

President of FPTA 2022 - 2023