Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The British Embassy School Ankara strives to be an inclusive school offering choice and excellence to all our children whatever their abilities or needs. We have high expectations of every child and help them to achieve their full potential through the removal of barriers to learning and participation. We want all our children to feel valued members of our school community.

Section 19 of the Children and Families Act 2014 makes clear that where SEND pupils are concerned, we must have regard to:

 • the views, wishes and feelings of the child or young person, and the child’s parents,

• the importance of the child or young person, and the child’s parents, participating as fully as possible in decisions, and being provided with the information and support necessary to enable participation in those decisions,

• the need to support the child or young person, and the child’s parents, in order to facilitate the development of the child or young person and to help them achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes, preparing them effectively for adulthood.

Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities may require special provision and/or adjustments, and teachers take account of this in their planning and teaching. Additionally, such pupils benefit from the presence of a Student Support Coordinator at the school who ensures that they receive any support that is needed. This can include the implementation of particular learning strategies, interventions, individual or small group support, or advice concerning assistance offered by outside agencies. This ensures that ALL children are able to access the curriculum and achieve to the best of their potential.