Staff Views of Life in Ankara

Leeanne Galley

If I had to describe Ankara I would say that it is a city of parks there are some beautiful parks that change with the seasons and are very child friendly with plenty of coffee and daydreaming spots. The shopping in Ankara is getting better by the day with many new malls opening and the appearance of many well known high street names. The night life can be as low key or frantic as you like with a great selection of places to eat or drink. The cost of living is cheap in comparison to other cities and the people friendly and helpful. The downside can be the traffic but there is no real need to drive. To sum up I think that although not the most historically interesting city it is a very easy place to live.

Jane Duffy

Ankara has been a very welcoming city. I arrived in April and felt at home very quickly. The shops and restaurants are excellent and I really enjoy shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables in the markets.

The school is a happy place to work. The staff is friendly and everyone who has been here for some time go out of their way to help you. I am very happy that I came and look forward to many years here.

Malcolm Wood

Ankara is a smart, modern city with a good selection of restaurants, patisseries, bars, live music venues and shops. It is unmistakably Turkey but feels more European than most of the country. There are pleasant parks dotted around the city. If you are interested in opera, ballet, theatre or museums, these are all available and very reasonably priced. The school is in the smartest part of the capital, neighbouring embassies and the Prime Minister’s residence. Teachers recruited overseas are given comfortable apartments within easy walking distance of school. Public transport by bus to the central parts of Ankara is efficient and easy to use. There are also affordable taxis wherever you look.

The school is well-resourced and everyone is expected to work to a high standard of professionalism. The children come from international and Turkish professional backgrounds and are fun to teach. The school benefits from a lovely setting in woods on the grounds of the British Embassy.

Holly Bryant

Since I have arrived in Ankara I have been astounded by how friendly and welcoming people have been, both in Ankara as a city and at The British Embassy School Ankara. I have made lots of friends since arriving in August and have learnt so much already. It can be an intimidating time moving to a new school and home but everyone at The British Embassy School Ankara has made me feel so welcome and helped me with lots of things from learning the Turkish language and knowing where to shop or how the systems at school work and getting to know the children. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome.