Working at BESA

“It’s hard to describe BESA without wanting to reel off an exhaustive list of its best features, but that is honestly what working at the BESA is like.”

“If you can imagine the best features of a British school surrounded by woods and wildlife, airlift it to Turkey and place it in the middle of the capital city, then that is only just beginning to describe the British Embassy School. It is a friendly and happy place with a welcoming and supportive staff that can be like an extended family, which can be appreciated when you are having a bad day or missing home.”

“It’s true that your first visit to the BESA may be daunting with all the security and passes required, but this feeling quickly fades and you are left with the knowledge that you work in a safe and secure environment.”

“Consider the things that every teacher dreams of … small class sizes, great students, supportive parents, vast resources, specialist teachers for Music, ICT, PE and Turkish/French. A librarian and even free tea and coffee!”

BESA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.